MARS CYCLES – the fictional company goes PDF

At PDF Days Europe 2020, the fictional company MARS CYCLES provides a background for your own idealized case study.

The idea is to provide a starting-point for your own presentation on how your product or service gains its maximal usage; an opportunity to imagine how far your solution could take a willing customer.

We want you to tell that story... about your customer: MARS CYCLES.

What does MARS CYCLES do? None of this need apply to your use case, but just for fun...


  • MARS CYCLES produces high-quality bicycles for use on Mars.
  • MARS CYCLES are particularly suitable for the low gravity on Mars and - for logistical reasons - are characterized by their low demand for spare parts. With interstellar configuration options, they are equally suitable for Earthlings and Martians. Adapted to the low water resources in their field of application, they are highly dirt-repellent.
  • MARS CYCLES are delivered with extensive accessories. These include pre-assembled air bottles (only for Earthlings) and sound-weapon protective suits (only for Martians) and fully automated navigation (for assistive technology users, both Earthling and Martian).

Please note: while production of the bicycles is quick, delivery - unfortunately - can take years.


BREAKING NEWS: MARS CYCLES decides to invest in PDF technology to the greatest possible extent. They chose your organization!

What will you do for them?

Use case Subject area
[your example] [your subject area]
User manual production PDF creation
Product design review PDF processing
Workflow management PDF in production
Contract exchange PDF on the server
Print production PDF on the desktop
Accessible documentation PDF on mobile devices
Integrating PDF into ECM systems PDF in records management
PDF reuse in web pages Leveraging PDF in non-PDF applications
Preparing content for archival purposes PDF core technology (ISO and industry standards)


Can you help MARS CYCLES with a PDF solution? Please let us know! Submit your presentation proposal