pdfaPilot 5.1 mit neuen Funktionen

callas software GmbH // July 8, 2014

Member News

Hier ist die Liste der neuen Funktionen von pdfaPilot Version 5.1.210:


  • New Fixups
    • Remap characters from Unicode Private Use Area: Map Unicode from PUA to another valid Unicode
    • Remove all tagging information: Removes all tagging structure
  • Enhanced Fixups
    • Font to outline: “Apply to” added to control, which fonts are outlined
  • Desktop
    • Visualizer: Added option to set simulation profile and improved handling if an OutputIntent exists
    • Profile editor: Several predefined filters in search field for Checks and Fixups
  • CLI
    • Timeout parameter to abort processing after a defined time frame
    • Server, Dispatcher or Satellite can be used as service on Windows
  • Distributed processing
    • Optional failover for Dispatcher in Client-mode
    • Possibility for typification for Satellites
    • Timeout parameter to abort processing after a defined time frame for distributed processes
    • Local processing (as a fall-back) can be disabled
    • Optimization for connecting process between Dispatcher and Satellite

    Eine komplette Liste aller Funktionen, Fehlerbehebungen und änderungen finden Sie hier.

Eine gratis Testversion können Sie sich von der callas software Website runterladen: http://www.callassoftware.com/callas/doku.php/de:download