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Nordic Council of Ministers adopts PDF/UA

The Nordic Council of Ministers adopts PDF/UA for a key publication series.

Author: Duff Johnson
Date: March 11, 2016


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Nordic Council of Ministers adopts PDF/UA

Logo of NordPubThe Nordic Council of Ministers produces 150– 200 publications annually, with about half in the TemaNord series.

TemaNord publications will now be published in conformance with PDF/UA, the ISO standard for accessible PDF.

Going forwards, TemaNord publications will be expressly designed to accommodate those with visual impairments and/or reading difficulties.

“We will continue to do everything we can to make our work accessible to all. The aim is to make as many of our publications as possible accessible to all,” says the head of the Publications Department, Niels Stern.

The first such PDF/UA conforming TemaNord report is already available.

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