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Attendees rate PDF Day in DC and NYC a success!

An overwhelming majority say that they learned readily applicable information, both from the sessions and one-on-one discussions.

Author: Duff Johnson
Date: December 19, 2014


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Attendees rate PDF Day in DC and NYC a success!

PDF Day New York CIty

“It was great education. Thanks for providing the opportunity.”
  – a senior IRS official

“I thought the PDFA Day was one of the most informative conferences/briefings I have attended in several years. You leave with confidence in the information you received, the people who gave presentations and answered questions, and the firms that are supporting PDF.”
Information management consultant

We’ve heard that a lot in the week since the PDF Day events; two tightly packed days in the nation’s national and financial capitals.

PDF Day in Washington DC and New York City brought together technology experts, IT executives, ECM industry leaders and records-management professionals to talk about a subject that’s often  less commonly discussed subject. At PDF Day this December, over 150 people got a PDF education.

The regular session content, which focused on the application of ISO standardized PDF technology, was reviewed and selected by a Program Committee based on educational value, and we certainly heard from attendees that the content was good.

Most sessions were short and focused on presenting the concepts and use-cases in which specific PDF capabilities add value in existing business settings. The “4 minutes with a PDF vendor” segment gave each vendor a chance to make a purely commercial pitch in under 4 minutes apiece, with wildly variable results!

A PDF Association poll has garnered responses from almost 40% of PDF Day attendees; so far, with an overwhelming majority stating that they learned readily applicable information, both from the educational and “4 minutes” sessions and one-on-one discussions.

Slides have already been posted on the respective event pages; video of each session are also available:

Images from Washington DC

Welcome to PDF Day Washington DC

PDF Day panel in Washington DC

A session in progress at PDF Day Washington DC

PDF Day in Washington DC

Images from New York City

PDF Day backdrop in New York City

Drew Sprague at PDF Day in New York City

PDF Day in New York City, main lecture room.

PDF Day session in New York City

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