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LuLu Software - SODA PDF

Status: Full Member

Country: MT

Sector: All industries

Joined: Nov 2014

Website: http://www.lulusoftware.com/

Description of the member

LULU SOFTWARE creates simple and hard-working software for your PC. We appreciate that for most people technology is a headache — they just want it to work. Smart, reliable and accessible; our software is designed with a focus on giving you the most useful features. We obsess over making your experience with our product friendly and straightforward. And when you need extra help, our customer support is ready to provide you with it.

Our Promise

To provide simple and efficient software — created for you.

We Believe In

Being Consumer-Centric

We exist to satisfy our customers’ needs. We put a fundamental emphasis on making sure the software-solutions we offer are those that our customers are seeking. We are constantly undertaking the process of getting to know our customers — and their needs — so that we can provide the right solutions. Our focus on developing and delivering reliable, user-friendly products and offering transparent service is at the root of our belief-system; hence it is our top priority.

Investing in our People

The livelihood of LULU SOFTWARE is intrinsically tied to the maturation of our employees. That’s why we’ve committed to developing their talents; encouraging them to acquire new skills and knowledge. A successful company draws on the experience of many different people with different backgrounds and different skills, and unifies them with the aim of generating the highest quality work. Putting this into practice has enabled us to provide a fun environment to work in, and given us the ability to consistently attract and retain employees that work with passion, enthusiasm and resolve to perform at the maximum of their potential.

Having Integrity

It means doing what’s morally and ethically right without compromise. Our growth is dependent on our good behavior — as individuals and as a corporation — and because we see this is paramount to our success it’s not something we just preach; but something we practice. Our integrity enables us to be trusted, and our trustability ensures our long-term growth.

Encouraging Creativity

LULU SOFTWARE is driven by entrepreneurial attitude and vision. Our employees are given the latitude and encouragement to be innovative and present new ideas. In addition, we encourage our employees to challenge the status-quo, as we’re always set on improving. Staying true to this belief empowers us to lead.

7075 Place Robert Joncas, Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 2Z5, Kanada