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DocuCom AG

Status: Full Member

Country: CH

Sector: Banking

Joined: Oct 2006

Website: http://www.docu.com/

Description of the member

DocuCom (Switzerland) AG is active in the field of document output management. The company specializes in migrating old electronic archives into new solutions, in order to solve the interface thematic between archive and output. Customers profit from efficient document processes, and PDF/A plays an important role for DocuCom.

Docucom and PDF/A
As market leader in Switzerland for consulting and implementing archive migrations, we make it possible for our customers to introduce a corporation-wide PDF/A strategy that includes the following factors:

  • validation
  • analyses
  • attribute extractions
  • modifications
  • conversions
  • reorganizations

The unique methodology of Docucom’s conversion portal enables an efficient and complete acquisition of data and objects. Our customers demand from us the unequivocal support of PDF/A so they can guarantee a long-term and safe access to their business documents in strategic solutions.

Hummelwaldstrasse 27, 8645 Jona SG, Schweiz