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Compart AG

Status: Full Member

Country: DE

Sector: Banking

Joined: Sep 2006

Website: http://www.compart.com/

Description of the member

Compart is a leading global provider of Multi Channel Document Management Solutions. Headquarted in Germany, with subsidiaries throughout Europe and America and served by a a partner network in Latin America, Compart frees up your IT staff to focus on running your core business – not on the complexity of document management. The most effective solutions in the field of Multi Channel Document Management are characterized by the scalable and platform-independent DocBridge® software -designed, built and supported by Compart. Compart enables your customers to access their documents in their format of choice conveniently – by post, mobile phone, online – irrespective of the original form or format or final delivery medium. The DocBridge® software functionality spans, but is not limited to optimization, conversion and modification of document formats with quality assurance for compliance. With unparalleled industry experience, for over two decades, Compart has consistently helped businesses improve operational efficiency with fast and flexible processing of high-volume data and document flow – delivering bespoke output internally or externally, on paper or digitally, anytime and anywhere they are required. Coupled with accurate, compliant, high quality and timely customer communications these two factors enhance customer loyalty and engagement. Compart’s technology, support and project management teams serve more than one thousand clients in over 42 countries across the banking, insurance, retail, print services, telecommunications, utilities and healthcare industries. Compart is also chosen as an exclusive technology provider by leading vendors in the industry The company is recognized as an industry leader in driving innovation and delivering world class solutions.

Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 38, 71034 Böblingen, Deutschland