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Berlin. Der neu gewählte Vorstand der PDF Assocation setzt sich aus elf Mitgliedern zusammen. Neu hinzugekommen sind mit Catherine Andersz, PDFTron Systems, und Alaine Behler, iText Software, zwei anerkannte Marketingexpertinnen. Darüber hinaus bereich …

Membership Benefits

PDF Association Member logoThere are many advantages to PDF Association membership for individual developers, software publishers, integrators and other implementers.

Technical benefits include Technical Working Group  forums, direct contact with PDF technology experts, access to draft documents from ISO working groups, the members-only PDF 2.0 interoperability Jira, and more.

Marketing benefits include use of the PDF Association’s logo, several means of providing company and product information and news on the pdfa.org website, access to members-only sponsorship opportunities, and a variety of other tangible and intangible benefits.

Technical benefits

NOTE: Individual membership is for personal use only, and may not be used on behalf of an organization. Individual members may not share draft documents or other members-only materials with 3rd parties whatsoever.

Access to drafts of upcoming ISO standardsChecked.Checked.Checked.Checked.
Participate in ISO meetings via the PDF Association's Category A liaison with ISOChecked.Checked.Checked.Checked.
Post comments and feature requests to ISO WGs via PDF Association Technical Working GroupsChecked.Checked.Checked.Checked.
Access to members-only Intranet and mailing-listsChecked.Checked.Checked.Checked.
Attend Technical Working Group meetingsChecked.Checked.Checked.Checked.
Access to the PDF Interoperability JiraChecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Voting rights in Technical Working GroupsChecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Voting rights as PartnersUnchecked.Unchecked.Unchecked.Checked.
Voting rights as MembersChecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
'Observer' discounts on attending PDF Association eventsUnchecked.Checked.Unchecked.Unchecked.
'Full member' discounts on attending PDF Association eventsChecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Share PDF Association resources within your organizationUnchecked.Checked.Checked.Checked.
Eligible for Board membershipChecked.Unchecked.Unchecked.Checked.

Marketing benefits

Some organizations gain value from non-technical resources such as PDF Association events and sponsorship opportunities, publications explaining PDF subset standards in end-user terms, and more.

BenefitsIndividualObserverFull Partner
Use of the PDF Association “member” logo
Company description and links from pdfa.orgUnchecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Product and/or services listingsUnchecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Contribute or participate in developing articles on pdfa.org Checked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Sponsorship opportunities at PDF Association eventsUnchecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Other sponsorship opportunitiesUnchecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Publish press-releases, case-studies and white-papers on pdfa.orgUnchecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Marketing opportunities in regional chaptersUnchecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
Support for organization of in-person and online seminarsUnchecked.Unchecked.Checked.Checked.
First chance at speaking opportunities at others' eventsUnchecked.Unchecked.Unchecked.Checked.
Eligible for Board membershipChecked.Unchecked.Unchecked.Checked.

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