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PDF Association mit erweitertem Vorstand

Berlin. Der neu gewählte Vorstand der PDF Assocation setzt sich aus elf Mitgliedern zusammen. Neu hinzugekommen sind mit Catherine Andersz, PDFTron Systems, und Alaine Behler, iText Software, zwei anerkannte Marketingexpertinnen. Darüber hinaus bereich …

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Rückblick auf die PDF Days Europe 2018 im Postmaster-Magazin

Das Postmaster-Magazin hat in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe einen Nachbericht zu den PDF Days Europe veröffentlicht, den Sie hier nachlesen können.

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If you want to learn more about PDF technology, either in general or as it relates to a specific subject, then the PDF Association is the perfect point of contact.

Learn more about PDF/UA

If you want to learn more about PDF technology, either in general or as it relates to a specific subject, then the PDF Association is the perfect point of contact. The PDF Association was founded in 2006. It aims to promote the development and usage of PDF technology and therefore to support PDF applications for digital documents. The Association focuses on the PDF format itself, as well as the ISO standards PDF/UA, PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/VT and PDF/X. The PDF Association provides information, expertise and opportunities for interaction for developers, users and decision-makers.

2001 2005 2008
ISO 15930 ISO 19005 ISO 24517
„Prepress digital dataexchange using PDF“ „PDF Archive“ „PDF Engineering“
ISO-Standard for the printing industry Standardised long-term archiving with PDF Construction diagrams with moving 3D models where required
1993/2008 2010 2012
ISO 32000 ISO 16612 ISO 14289
„Portable Document Format“ „PDF for Variable Data and Transactional Printing“ „PDF for Universal Access“
The ISO standard corresponds with PDF version 1.7 Used for variable data printing ISO standard for universally accessible PDF documents

The Association’s most important centre of activity is its website, www.pdfa.org, which is regularly updated with the latest specialist news and information. It also provides information about PDF/UA and accessible PDF documents.

PDF/UA Competence Center

The PDF/UA Competence Center was set up by the PDF Association before the PDF/UA standard was even officially approved. Supported by leading international businesses and individual experts, it provides PDF/UA resources for developers, users and decision-makers and offers advice on how to use the standard in practice.

PDF/UA seminars

The PDF Association offers the PDF/UA Practical Seminar Series for employees and decision-makers in public bodies, business and industry; college and university students and teachers; and representatives of all kinds of associations and institutions. Practical examples are used to show participants how accessible PDF documents can be created and checked in line with PDF/UA and any applicable legal requirements. Participants can learn strategies for their own companies to use when introducing and using accessible PDFs.

PDF Association membership

PDF Association members have a critical information advantage: they receive advance versions of ISO PDF standards and exclusive access to the Association intranet containing internal information. They can take part in the Association’s Technical Working Groups to influence standardisation work. The internal forum on the Association intranet ensures direct contact with other PDF experts. Members also receive a boost to their marketing efforts, including use of the PDF Association logo and a company profile and product listing on the PDF Association’s website.

AIIM PDF/UA Committee

The Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM) is a global organisation offering independent research, training and certification programmes for information management experts. To mark the publication of the PDF/UA standard, the AIIM PDF/UA Committee has produced “Achieving WCAG 2.0 with PDF/UA”, a document describing how PDF/UA can guarantee compliance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

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