CVISION Introduces Flexible, PCI-Compliant Redaction Methods in Trapeze for Redaction Solution

Cvision // November 20, 2015

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What is Trapeze for Redaction?

CVISION’s Trapeze for Redaction utilizes sophisticated redaction technology to intelligently identify and remove sensitive information from your documents. Manually removing social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other information can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and riddled with human error. Trapeze for Redaction is designed to automate, accelerate and improve the accuracy of the redaction process for organizations with high volumes of documents containing sensitive material.

PCI SSD Compliance
Organizations handling credit card information must maintain a high standard of information security, formalized under the PCI SSD requirements. Trapeze for Redaction ensures PCI compliance by both redacting and completely eliminating the underlying data on sensitive documents. This cost-effective redaction solution is robust enough to deliver near-perfect accuracy rates on extremely large quantities of data.

Redaction Using Relative Location to Known Keywords
This method of redaction search knows where the redacted field is located in relation to a given keyword. Using known keywords such as “Social Security” or “Date of Birth,” Trapeze can easily identify the relative location of the information to be redacted.

The method also allows for keyword variation. For example, the redaction module can search for social security number using the following keywords: “Social Security”, “Soc. Sec.” or “SS#”. Once it finds a match to any of these keywords it will only redact the data field. The known keywords are only used as a point of reference to the redacted zone and are not themselves redacted.

Redaction With Pattern Matching (RegEx)
Trapeze for Redaction uses regular expressions to identify information to be redacted.  A formula is set up to identify a particular pattern of groups of numbers and dashes in a special order. This may represent the structure of a Social Security Number or other ID Number, Phone number, etc. When this pattern is located, Trapeze knows to redact all instances of the information from the document.

Key Phrase or Dictionary Redaction

This type of redaction is useful when the phrases to be redacted are known by the user. The redaction module reads an entire database of phrases that can have one or more words. When a match is found the module will redact the match.

Superior Technology, Reliable Redaction

CVISION’s Trapeze for Redaction solution can give your company the redaction capability it needs. This redaction module is highly configurable; it is able to satisfy the most demanding FOIA and secure coding requirements and ensures PCI SSD compliance. With Trapeze for Redaction, you can rely on superior PDF and OCR technology to maintain the integrity of your document redaction consistently and reliably.

Trapeze for Redaction Features

  • Configurable redaction module for image and PDF documents
  • Complete expungement of redacted textual elements
  • Handles complex PDFs, including CAD/CAM and vector graphics
  • Recognizes and redacts multi-dimensional and reverse video text
  • Supports multiple redaction methods, including pattern matching
  • Redacts financial information (credit card #s) for PCI compliance
  • Validates redaction correctness using procedures including checksum
  • Recognizes multi-colored text

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