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Berlin. Der neu gewählte Vorstand der PDF Assocation setzt sich aus elf Mitgliedern zusammen. Neu hinzugekommen sind mit Catherine Andersz, PDFTron Systems, und Alaine Behler, iText Software, zwei anerkannte Marketingexpertinnen. Darüber hinaus bereich …



Matt Kuznicki

Matt Kuznicki, Chief Technical Officer of Datalogics, has been actively involved with PDF products and technologies since 2000. He is a recognized expert in technical PDF and imaging matters and an active participant in PDF standards activities as well as the application of PDF and other document technologies to solve a variety of business problems.

Of his role as chairman, Matt comments: ”I am committed to helping the PDF Association serve its membership; both as a technical resource for PDF and the various standards associated with PDF, as well as an advocate for PDF technologies and how these can help drive value, ensure a platform for reliable communication and to make the world a better place.”


Dietrich von Seggern

Dietrich von Seggern received his degree as a printing engineer, and in 1991 started his professional career as head of desktop prepress production in a reproduction house. He became involved in research projects for digital transmission of print files, and moved to the German Newspaper Marketing Organisation (ZMG). There Dietrich was responsible for a project to enable the digital transmission of newspaper ads. In 2002 he joined callas software as Director of Product Management, and subsequently introduced callas’ PDF/A related products for the archiving industry.

Today, Dietrich is Managing Director at callas software, and ISO Liaison Officer at the PDF Association.

Board members

Catherine AnderszCatherine Andersz is the Co-Founder and CEO of PDFTron Systems Inc. Catherine is responsible for driving PDFTron’s strategy, and is passionate about building happy teams that consistently deliver the best customer experience. With a background in International Relations and Business Development, for the past 17 years Catherine has worked at an intersection of highly technical and business requirements related to PDF and document processing, and has attained a unique perspective and industry expertise. Working alongside developers, users, and business partners she has a track record ensuring that technology (and the PDF format itself) is evolving in the right direction. She is looking forward to being able to contribute to the association’s efforts to promote and advance the standard to address current and future user needs.

Alaine BehlerAlaine Behler is the Senior Manager of Global Marketing for iText.  She is passionate about making technology understandable to business users and developers alike.  Leveraging a background in Security and Diplomacy, Alaine brings a collaborative approach to marketing PDF technology to both regional and global markets.  An active member of the rPDF MWG for the PDF Association, she is looking forward to continuing work on new PDF standards and bringing the valuable message of PDF to more users.

Boris Doubrov is CEO of Dual Lab, the company specializing in product development services in the areas of Computer Graphics, CAD/CAM Modelling and other Science-intensive areas. Boris Doubrov holds a PhD in Mathematics and has been working for more than 15 years in PDF technologies as a software developer, project manager, and business owner.

He is an active participant of the ISO activity on PDF standards development and led technical development of veraPDF, an open source industry supported PDF/A validation tool.

Justin DurkanJustin Durkan is currently the Engineering Manager with Nitro. Justin has been a software developer for over 30 years. He was there when Windows had the version number 1.04, when Linux didn’t exist and when a precompiler was used to translate C++ into C. He has developed in many languages from Basic to Java, Fortran to C++, Assembler to Scala and in his favourite language: C++. He studied electronics at what is now the University of Limerick in Ireland where he was awarded a Bachelor of Engineering. As well as being a software developer, manager and CTO,  in the early days, Justin also developed numerous hardware projects, including a number of hi-resolution graphics cards for the IBM PS/2.

Since joining Nitro in 2015, Justin’s main focus is the development of the company’s smart document applications.

Francois Fernandes

François Fernandès is a Document Technology Evangelist at levigo solutions gmbh and advises company’s customers on products, solutions and technologies in the domain of document processing. As a business informatics specialist (FH Reutlingen) who has developed jadice software for more than ten years he has pushed for PDF support in the jadice viewer from the beginning. Afterwards he became a product manager responsible for the development of the jadice web toolkit, a browser-based viewing component. 

Carsten Heiermann is CEO of Foxit Europe’s organization. Since 1995, Carsten has been founder and CEO of the LuraTech group acquired by Foxit in 2015.

After studying communications engineering and undertaking work in various IT companies, since 1995, Carsten Heiermann has concerned himself with topics connected with compression, standardization and electronic document capture and conversion. Carsten’s former company, LuraTech, developed patented technologies and products in the field of document and image compression, and offered a variety of integrated products and integration platforms for high volume PDF production, that are continued as a part of Foxit. At Foxit today, Carsten is responsible for all of Foxit’s business in Europe and leads the Berlin, Germany based product and development group for Foxit’s server side PDF products in the enterprise automation business unit.

As Member of the Board, Heiermann acts as the Dutch Country Chapter sponsor and focuses on the PDF/A standard.

Leonard RosentholLeonard Rosenthol is a Principal Scientist and the PDF Architect for Adobe Systems, having been involved with PDF technology for more than 15 years. He represents Adobe on various international standards bodies including the ISO (where he is the Project Editor for PDF/A and PDF/E), W3C and ETSI/ESI (where he authored the PDF Electronic Signature standard, PAdES). Prior to re-joining Adobe in 2006, Leonard worked as the Director of Software Development for Appligent, and the Chief Innovation Officer for Apago, while also running the successful consulting business of PDF Sages. Before becoming involved in PDF, Leonard was the Director of Advanced Technology for Aladdin Systems and was responsible for the development of the StuffIt line of products.

Bernd Wild

Dr. Bernd Wild is originally a graduate physicist. After completing his studies, he worked for several years at a computer science research center in the field of artificial intelligence and its possible applications in industrial processes. Upon obtaining his PhD, Dr. Wild was responsible for the organization and management of C/S software development at an IT service provider in the banking sector. Together with some partners, he founded intarsys consulting GmbH in Karlsruhe in 1996.

Dr. Wild now concentrates on consulting and providing assistance for complex system integration projects. Document technology has increasingly become a focal point during the past few years. This includes not only the creation of documents from source data, but also the entire documentation life cycle through to archiving. Technologies like electronic signatures, intelligent forms and document standards are at the core of his activities. In addition, intarsys offers products and software components that support these technologies and can be used for easily and reliably designing customer specific solutions.

Peter WyattPeter Wyatt is an engineer and computer scientist who has been actively working on PDF technologies for more than 15 years. He represents Australia as both Head of Delegation and a Subject Matter Expert at all ISO committees that defined PDF standards (ISO TC 171 and ISO TC 130). Peter is also currently a Project Co-Leader of ISO 32000, the core PDF standard and co-Chairs the PDF Association PDF TWG. He has a background in document and image file format research, development and standardisation and holds a number of granted patents. Most recently Peter led the research & development of print rendering and document technologies at Canon’s research laboratory in Sydney, Australia, supporting Canon’s global product range. Before becoming involved in PDF, Peter completed his MBA and worked in software R&D in Australia and the UK on successful technologies such as the Australian ‘bionic ear’ (Cochlear), power quality monitoring, and early GSM handsets.

Past Board Members

  • Hans Bärfuss, PDF Tools AG
  • Nora Calvillo, Adobe Systems
  • Olaf Drümmer, callas software
  • Peter Duff, Adlib
  • Harald Grumser, Compart AG
  • Johannes Hesel, SEAL Systems
  • Andrew Holmes, DocuSign
  • Hans-Joachim Hübner, SRZ
  • Duff Johnson, Duff Johnson Strategy and Communications
  • Michael Karbe, Actino
  • Scott Mackey, Adlib
  • Thomas Merz, PDFlib
  • Stewart Rogers, Crawford Technologies
  • Thomas Zellmann, LuraTech Europe GmbH


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