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Monday, October, 5th
PDF/A-4, PDF/X-6 and the other new PDF standards
A new dated revision of PDF 2.0 will soon be published and comes with a whole series of related standards.

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Dietrich von Seggern
callas software GmbH

PDF/A-4 introduces various changes in features and structure of conformance levels. Also new are PDF/X-6, PDF/VT-3 and PDF/R. In addition ISO used the opportunity to … read more
Rene Rebe

PDF/R – the new ISO 23504-1:2020 standard for raster image data interchange. This session offers a summary and discusses how PDF/R can help modernize and … read more
Tuesday, October, 6th
Composing tables for Universal Accessibility
An overview of good and bad ways to create tables

Tables are too often created the wrong way: sometimes they lack content, sometimes they are too complicated to understand, sometimes they are even misused. This … read more
Headshot of Adam Spencer
Adam Spencer

A common complaint about making documents accessible is too hard for most. This session will explore many of the common challenges faced by people learning … read more
Wednesday, October, 7th
Bernd Wild
intarsys AG

A short overview about the process of signing a PDF document with single or serial signatures is given. The special features of PDF to support … read more
Examining PDFs as an aggregate
What can thousands of PDFs tell us?

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Patrick Gallot
Patrick Gallot

PDFs is not a single application’s file format, it is a file format shared with thousands of applications, and each PDF producer seemingly has their … read more
Thursday, October, 8th
Harnessing the Power of Open Standards in Manufacturing
Deploying a Connected, Collaborative, and MBE-Enabled Digital Enterprise

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Stephen Collins
Anark Corporation

Leading global manufacturers are realizing substantial performance benefits by embracing open data standards as the foundation of their Model Based Enterprise and Digital Transformation strategies. … read more
Optimising PDF for Print, Digital and Accessible channels
A review of the challenges and solutions PDF provides for the full range of PDF use cases.

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Tim Nelms
Crawford Technologies Inc.

In today’s digital world, PDF has become the most widely used format for customer communications management (CCM). Many organisations are struggling to achieve successful workflow … read more
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Monday, October, 12th No sessions 
Tuesday, October, 13th
Capturing the richness of page description languages
How to retain the detail from non-PDF formats when they are converted into PDF

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David Stevenson
Global Graphics

How can you carry over the attributes expressed in a non-PDF format into a PDF so that their original intent is not lost especially when … read more
Automate office files to PDF
Microsoft, LibreOffice or other? Answers to this and other questions.

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Dietrich von Seggern
callas software GmbH

Most office files are created with Microsoft Office and quality of conversion is defined by the degree to which it is the similar to what … read more
Wednesday, October, 14th
A “SafeDocs” update to industry
Learn about industry-relevant outcomes achieved by the "SafeDocs" research program to help secure PDF

Peter Wyatt
Peter Wyatt
PDF Association

The PDF Association serves as an industry partner in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)-funded Safe Documents (SafeDocs) program, with Peter Wyatt working on … read more
High-Security PDF Redactions
Closing known routes for leakage in redacted documents

Michael Vrhel
Michael Vrhel
Artifex Software Inc

There is a well-defined mechanism for doing Redactions in PDF files; first, creating “redaction annotations” to mark up the items to be redacted, and then … read more
Thursday, October, 15th
Francois Fernandes
Digital Frontiers GmbH & Co. KG

PDF is all around us and successfully drives many processes. But there are many circumstances when using a commercial software is not an option – … read more
Open source implementation of PDF/UA validation
Extending veraPDF to syntax checks of Tagged PDF and PDF/UA-1

Boris Doubrov
Boris Doubrov
Dual Lab sprl

We demonstrate the extension of veraPDF framework for validating syntax of PDF/UA-1 and Tagged PDF including formal list of checks, test corpus development and visualization … read more
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Monday, October, 19th
All about the PDF Association
Find out why the world needs a meeting-place for PDF developers.

Duff Johnson
Duff Johnson
PDF Association

How do organizations and individuals using PDF technology benefit from membership in the PDF Association? Subjects covered include: Why the PDF ecosystem matters Technical benefits, … read more
The ISO standards process
A look at behind the curtain at how the PDF standards are made

PDF 2.0
Come and learn how an idea becomes a standard!  We’ll look at some recent work driven by the PDF Association to advance the state of … read more
Tuesday, October, 20th
Tim Allison
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Apache Tika is widely used as a critical enabling technology for search in Apache Solr and other search systems. This open source library performs text … read more
Support of complex scripts in PDF
Lego game of text composition and text extraction algorithms

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Alexey Subach
iText Group NV

Complex writing systems have always required special attention. Examples of such complex scripts are Arabic, Devanagari or Thai alphabets, but there are many more. In … read more
Wednesday, October, 21th
A Specification for using PDF to Package and Represent Email
Results from a joint government / education / industry task force

Chris Prom
Prof. Chris Prom
University of Illinois

US government and academic preservationists are looking to PDF to take on the fight against email degradation. The EA-PDF (Email Archives in PDF) concept is … read more
What about an update of the WCAG Techniques for PDF?
Report from the PDF Association Working Group with a lot of practical examples

Accessibility Creation
Markus Erle

Since December 2018 some of the world’s most trusted PDF accessibility experts work together to create atomic examples of WCAG 2.1 compliant PDF files. We … read more
Thursday, October, 22th
Forget the PS5, I’ve got a PDF 2.0
Creating PDF-based video games

Michael Demey
iText Group NV

Remember when you used to get manuals with video games? We all lament the loss of those manuals (at least I do), but imagine if the … read more
Unlocking PDF Drawings and Diagrams
How to Use PDF Graphics in Visio, PowerPoint and on the Web

Jean Haney
Jean Haney
Visual Integrity

How to Open and Edit PDF Graphics in Visio, PowerPoint and on the Web During this session, the audience will learn about a simple, free … read more
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Monday, October, 26th
Automating document anonymization & pseudonymization in a browser
How to reduce errors and increase compliance by automating document anonymization / pseudonymization in a browser.

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A high-level assessment of document anonymization & pseudonymization approaches used in business or compliance workflows. PDFTron will also discuss strategies on how to streamline workflows, … read more
PDF Optimization Proves to Drive Significant Improvement in Operational Efficiencies and Costs
Real-World Results Leveraging Optimized PDF in the Print and Digital Industries

Print Security CCM Archiving
Mary Ann Rowan
Solimar Systems Inc.

PDF is used today in many different types of print and digital businesses. How well that PDF is structured is proving to make a significant … read more
Tuesday, October, 27th
Digital Transformation and PDF – why OCR is not only for capturing  paper documents In the modern office there is not only paper documents and … read more
Robotic Process Automation and PDF
PDF Robo-Apocalypse or Automated PDF Utopia?

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Neil Pitman
Aquaforest Limited

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to mimic human actions and automate everyday tasks.  This session will explain the place that PDF plays in … read more
Wednesday, October, 28th
Remote Worker Efficiency
Killer Strategies to Increase Business Efficiency 

Document management
Tim Jefferies
Tim Jefferies
Foxit Corporation

In this presentation we will explore how remote workers lose thousands of hours accessing PDF documents. This has become a growing concern, causing a decrease … read more
SAP and Digital Signature
How to integrate QeS into highly automated Processes

Document management Digital signatures Engineering / 3D
Dr. Uwe Wächter
SEAL Systems AG

The aerospace industry has strict requirements for the submission of digital documents. For example, the qualified electronic signature is mandatory for construction documents of aircraft … read more
Thursday, October, 29th
En Français 1300 CET 1400 CET 1500 CET
Tuesday, October, 27th
The PDF format, an essential tool for the digital transformation
Le format PDF, un outil essentiel pour la transformation numérique

Document management
Le format PDF est une véritable boite à outil qui permet de résoudre les nombreux challenges posés par la transformation numérique (acquisition, impression, archivage, mais … read more
Centralized PDF transformation
Comment une infrastructure moderne et centralisée de transformation des données en PDF vous soutient à perfectionner vos processus

Document management Creation Archiving
Gert Michiels
Foxit Corporation

Cette présentation vous aide à identifier des opportunités concrètes : Réduire les couts liés au stockage et colportage des images issus des processus de dématérialisation par … read more
Remove sensitive and personal data from your PDF documents with redaction
Supprimez les données sensibles et personnelles de vos documents PDF

Security Document management
Adoptez les meilleures pratiques pour extraire et supprimer de manière définitive les données sensibles de vos documents PDF natifs ou scannés dans tout type d’application. … read more